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Hello, my name is Melissa Brace, and I am a Renowned Psychic Medium and Sacred Union Guide with 30 years professional experience. I am honored to be your navigator and spiritual guide through this arduous and challenging process.

Come join me in celebration, as we walk together into Higher Consciousness and with Divine Guidance into Divine Union with our Soul Mates, Soul Families, and Soul Tribes, Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts.

Melissa Brace | Psychic Medium | Text 928 274-0440 | Sedona & Jerome, Arizona

Spiritual Guidance, And Support In Your Sacred Union Journey Home.

We have a magnificent community of Light here in Sedona. With heart centered, highest divine focused love beings and light warriors to assist us.

I am thankful to be here to hold the light in our ascension paths Home, with our Sacred Divine Counterparts, Soul Tribes and families. And in our Sacred Unions inside and out, as well as every aspect of our lives.

I will post weekly videos on YouTube and Patreon to keep you updated and supported as we roll with the shifting energies of Ascension and reconnect with our Sacred families.

Here at Sedona Sacred Union:

•We find our purposes and missions.

•We cleanse, mend and come into wholeness in 3D, as in 5D, One, Home, together.

•We discover how to align, activate and illuminate our hearts and lives on all levels.

•We connect with our ancestors, teams, guides, guardian angels frequently and receive truth and messages.

•We remember our divinity and sovereignty in these ever changing times and come together becoming the waves of love that we have always wanted.

•We receive advanced psychic spiritual training and be part of writing the new earth script. Creation and Co-creation.

•We recognize the divinity in ourselves and each other, surrendering, releasing and clearing everything that has kept us from coming Home in our Sacred Unions.
We bring balance and stability to our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within, together and in the world/Universe.
We watch our timelines recalibrate until we are fully in our highest frequencies and the timeline that is our highest good.
And we build the solid foundations here, now, in our Sacred Unions in new earth energies/higher consciousness.
All that seemed so out of reach in the past is now available to us all and we are called to lead the way Home.

I look forward to sharing this Sacred Union Journey with you all.
True Divine Love Blessings,

Melissa Brace

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Schedule A Personal Sacred Union Guidance Reading With Melissa

$80 – Half Hour
$150 – 1 Hour
$215 – Hour and a Half

Schedule an appointment with Melissa, your Sacred Union Navigator and Spiritual Guide. Sessions available in person, by phone or Zoom meeting.

We Can Meet In Person In Sedona

Sacred Union Trinity Spiritual Spa Day

3 Services, 5 hour Intensive Spiritual Spa Day – $333

The Holy Trinity of Sacred Union services!
Bringing the 5D and 3D into order in our lives and circumstances and relationships.

  • We will do a clearing, realignments and activations for your highest good and potentials, with your sacred counterpart and soul family and tribes.
  • Sacred Spiritual Hypnosis- We will connect with your higher self, your twin flame/soul sacred partner, loved ones, angels and guides, council, past lives, Akashic records and soul contracts, time lines etc.
  • We will find you truth and answers, as well as clear your path, helping you navigate to your Sacred Union and foundations in the new era and new earth energies.
  • A Reading. A complete look at the possibilities and blessings of things to come on your path.

Can be in person or remotely on Zoom and phones.

Sacred Union Trinity Spiritual Spa 2 Days

In Sacred Sedona for a 2 day, pampered and advanced retreat experience with Melissa – $1111

  • 5 uniquely designed sessions, readings,
  • Vortex Tours and
  • more services specifically for you
  • on your Ascension and Divine Union divine course.
  • Meals and accommodations included.
  • 2 day complete Sacred Union Spiritual Spa package.

Choose A Sacred Union Subscription

You can choose a Sacred Union subscription for the extended readings package on patreon for $9.99 per month where I will share advanced guidance and more detailed and intricate updates and information.

Subscribe to my Patreon channel for  $9.99 here.

As we continue to awaken, and as many times as we have cried, been confused and fallen apart or wanted off of this path…
I will help you build the mindset, show you the tools and share divine knowledge for our freedom, peace and strength here, together.
We are building our true divine foundations and connections, and we celebrate our walk into higher consciousness and into Divine Union.
Our Divine Union inside with our Soul Mates, Soul Families and Soul Tribes,
Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts.

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